ATD Badge

  • A hammered gold Delta, upon which rests the Tau, with the Alpha on the outer surface. The badge may be a plain gold ATD insignia or one that is encrusted with pearls, the fraternity jewel. The jeweled badge is available in the Close Set Pearls or the Crown Set Pearls. Most members choose the plain gold badge when they join ATD

Recognition Pin

  • This Pin is available in either a straight line or with staggered letters “ATD”, with the “D” being the Delta “D” (which is a triangle). These are available to all members in addition to the membership badge.


  • These are available to all members. The letters “ATD” can be in either a straight line or staggered. It can be worn as a necklace suspended from a chain or as a charm dangle suspended from a bracelet


  • Orientation pin or small lamp


  • Guards for the badge are available in three styles: plain Gold clad, Close Set Pearl, and Crown Set Pearl. The Guard signifies the Chapter name. It consists of one, two, or three letters and are attached to the badge with a gold chain.

Dangles and Charms

  • Officer symbols for all Chapter Offices are available to the chapters

President’s Keys

  • The Chapter Past President’s Key (or pin) has the gold ATD logo mounted on a black background. The bottom portion of the pin has a president’s gavel. This is to be given to the chapter president at the end of the term by the chapter. Usually the outgoing president is presented with the Chapter Pas President’s Key at the completion of the installation of the incoming president. This pin recognizes his/her service to Alpha Tau Delta as president
  • The Alumni Past President’s key (or pin) is a square, turned on the points, with the ATD crest at the top. ATD engraved across the front of the pin and a gavel at the bottom point of the pin. It is a gold pin presented to the outgoing alumni chapter president by the incoming alumni chapter president. This pin also recognizes service to Alpha Tau Delta as an alumni member.
  • Chapter treasurers need to order their past president’s pin early in the Spring so it is available for presentation at the close of the president’s term.

Honor Pin

  • This pin is available to the chapters to present to individuals who have given outstanding service to Alpha Tau Delta. It is a round gold pin with the Florence Nightingale lamp at the top and the word “Honor” engraved on the open book in the center of the pin. It is available to both the collegiate and alumni chapters.

Award Key

  • This rectangular gold key has an open book near the top, which is outlined in white enamel. It is presented to a person who has contributed to his or her School of Nursing, University, College, or the Fraternity.

The Yellow Rose Charm

  • The Yellow Rose Charm is awarded by the National Board to the National Member of the Year

Jewelry for National Officers

  • National Past President’s Pin
    • This gold oval pin with the ATD logo in the center has the inscription “National Past President” on it. This is presented to the National President at the completion of his/her term.


  • National Medallion
    • The medallion is a decorated gold circle with the ATD logo in the center is given to national officers who have completed a two-year term as president, vice-president, treasurer, editor, or secretary

Wearing of all fraternity insignia jewelry must be in good taste

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